How to Keep Your Home from Being Burglarized

The latest FBI figures show that around 5,400 burglaries occur every day. That’s one burglary per 14.6 seconds. Such a high rate not only reveals that many people are resorting to theft for survival, but it also shows that many homes are easy to break into. Here are some tips on how you can prevent your home from being burglarized.

Keep your valuables inside

Whether it’s a small belonging like a toy or a big one like a bicycle, burglars would be tempted to steal it if you leave it sitting outside your home in plain sight of the road. Be responsible enough to stash away anything that could lure thieves into your property, and make sure that your storage room is inaccessible.

Let them know you’re home

Keep your lights, or at least the television, on before leaving home for a night party. This can deter any attempt of burglary as many thieves prefer robbing homes while the owners are out. During the day, when burglars know you’ll be away for work, you can try turning on a radio just to trick burglars that someone is still inside the house.

Apply security film to your windows

A security film is made of a special type of polyester that prevents glass from breaking easily, even with strong force. If your home’s glass windows and doors are secured with this film, it will be much harder for burglars to break in.


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