Protect Your Wooden Furniture from the Sun

The Beatles once sang in praise of the sun’s jovial rays, and it’s likely you sang along with them. However, too much sun would no longer be welcome, with its abundance of ultra-violet rays. Your skin isn’t the only thing affected by UV rays—your wooden furniture are in the crossfire as well, as too much UV can cause them to fade. Here’s how to prevent that.

Window film – Window film is a sheet of special protective film you put on your window panes to provide shade, as well as to block the sun’s harmful rays. Designed for simple use, window film is meant to reject solar heat and reduce furniture fading in the process. It can block 99% of all UV rays and 97% of infrared light.

Curtains – If for some reason you can’t get your hands on window film, opt for a simple solution: hang drapes and curtains. Curtains are also practical and stylish, and are highly decorative. In fact, you can use drapes even on windows with a film treatment for aesthetic purposes. Blinds also work in a similar way.

Wood coating – In addition to protective window treatments, you can also address the area of concern directly. Various coating and finishing products may be used to protect wooden furniture from a number of threats, including moisture, mold, and UV rays.


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