Security Film Protects You From Broken Glass

In a disaster like an earthquake, or in an accident, one of the biggest dangers can come from broken glass that can come hurtling to you in high velocity. Broken glass can cause serious injuries, and should thus be prevented as much as possible. Installing security window film on glass panes can significantly reduce the risk of injury from broken glass. Made of thin yet strong plastic adhesive material, protective window film can bind a pane so that it remains in position even if the glass breaks. This can be extremely useful during an earthquake, or similar conditions. The protection you get will allow you to move around more freely and proceed to a safer area, with less fear of shattered glass flying to your direction.

There are many available brands of window film, but two of the most prestigious ones are 3M and Vista. The manufacturers of these brands produce superior quality films that are regularly used in commercial high rises, offices, and airports. To ensure the correct installation of these products however, you need to get in touch with a certified installer in your area.

Beyond reducing the risk of injury, protective security film for windows also filter out harmful UV rays, reduce glare, and enhance a home’s overall energy efficiency. Not only that, they also serve as a crime deterrent, since security film-reinforced windows are harder to break through. They also help increase privacy, as they can render your home’s interior obscure from the outside.



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