How Window Tinting Prevents Fading

You’ve invested so much in your furniture so you want to do just about anything to preserve their brand-new look. Unfortunately, over time, you will see their color fading despite all the precautions you take. What makes their color fade? Should you blame it on frequent washing or vacuuming? Those may contribute to fading, but the ultimate culprit is ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

What is UV radiation?

UV radiation is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between x-rays and visible light. Its main source is the sun. Any furniture in your house that use dyed materials are prone to fading due to UV radiation. The chromophores–light absorbing particles that make up dyes and enable the human eye to recognize color–break down when they absorb UV radiation.

How can tinting prevent fading?

If you want to protect your furniture from the effects of UV radiation, particularly those that are made of dyed textile, consider having your windows tinted. Window tinting can prevent UV radiation from freely entering your home, without completely blocking sunlight. After all, you wouldn’t want to keep out natural lighting just because you want to preserve your furniture from fading.

So if you want to protect your investment and avoid the cost of immediate furniture replacement, invest in window tinting. This way you can confidently allow sunlight to enter your home without fear of the harmful effects of UV rays.


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