Window Film: Stopping Window Breakage

Some neighborhoods can become tough places to live in. It may be exemplified by instances of coming home late at night and braving the gauntlet all the way. Security alarm systems and CCTV cameras can make your home or business secure, but if you want to add more security, consider applying a heavy-duty security window film.

A window film is a thin laminate retrofit coating upgrade (made mainly from polyester) installed on the interior surface of a glass pane using a special adhesive. Originally, window films were installed for sun control, which helps improve a building’s energy efficiency. Since the laminate also prevents glass from breaking apart easily, however, it is now considered an effective tool for home security.

Before a security film for windows is approved for production and supply, it first undergoes an impact test to know its breaking point. The test involves repeatedly dropping a 150-lb object on the glass pane coated with security film. If the glass does not break apart after a predetermined number of drops, it moves up to the next test, which involves dropping a 400-pound object.

With a film that can hold window glass shards produced by a 400-lb force, you can definitely deter criminal elements from breaking your window and intruding your home or shop. This is a better alternative to traditional iron grids that obstruct your view of your beautiful backyard or street.


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