Protecting Your Sliding Glass Windows/Doors

Sliding glass windows or doors are commonplace in any modern home, especially when they are set up near a patio or the dining room. The big problem, though, is that they are vulnerable to breakage and need to have security window film installed.

A case for installing security film for windows and doors requires understanding how intruders think and plan when they usually strike. A careful analysis of your sliding glass doors and windows will show you how intruders can use them as points of entry. General wisdom states that all it takes for the suspects to get in is to smash a glass panel and gain access to the lock that way.

Some preferred security film products are meant to keep the cohesion of the glass under external induced forces. This is done by applying the entire sheet over both sides of a glass panel, where the transparent sheets limit the spread of the cracks from the point of impact.

Setting up window film has its advantages that also become apparent when the sliding-glass window or door has additional features to complicate break-ins at the attempted point of entry. You can start by setting up a charley bar over an inward track of the window to prevent it from opening fully.


Home Window Tinting: Types of Window Tint

When you’re thinking of having the windows of your home tinted, it’s more complicated than just asking a contractor to do it for you. You’ll need to pick out a particular type of tint that would fit your needs. There are several window tints available on the market and here is a simple guide to what’s available.

  •  Dyed. This is a popular choice, as well as one of the earliest choice of films available on the market. It’s made by adding a heat-absorbing dye to the plastic film, turning it into a particular color. This is an affordable choice for anyone wanting to tint large windows.
  • Metalized. Metalized films have a higher price tag, mostly because of the various metals added to the mix. This particular type of tinting is aimed at keeping UV radiation out while still letting the light through.
  • Deposited. Deposited films are similar to metalized tints. The production method which deposits the metal into the film via argon gas, however, results in a darker and more reflective tint.

Depending on what you need from your window tint, you’ll need to choose a particular type. Talk it over with your contractor to see what may be best for your windows and what limitations each types have. Have professionals do the installation to ensure that your windows are properly tinted.

Installing Security Window Film to Improve Privacy and Energy Savings

Protecting a home or business location is a top priority for any owner. Using the best tools to ensure its proper security and smooth operation is how you should go about treating anything that is important. One effective piece of investment in any structure is to install each window with security film for numerous positive purposes.

Increased Privacy

Tinting windows allows a better sense of privacy with the ability to see into the building significantly limited. In your home, personal activities like napping, lounging or family involvement can be sheltered more from outsiders. This also creates a feeling of security and a deterrent against those who may be peering into your home or establishment for uncomfortable or unlawful reasons. Adding security window film will raise the comfort level at home and at work.

Residential Window Tinting Helps in Improving Comfort and Efficiency

Home windows let in natural light and bring in beautiful views of the outside. However, sunlight has its own disadvantages in that it causes hot spots in your home, as well as contributing to the fading of furnishings and carpets. Increased energy costs are another disadvantage of letting in natural sunlight into your home. Window tinting helps reduce solar heat, thereby cutting down on energy costs. Fortunately, one does not have to look far and wide as there are local dealers and professional installers of window films from leading brands, such as Window Enhancements LLC of Wisconsin.

Sun Control Window Tinting and Films

Sun control residential window tinting and films are specifically designed to block solar heat, in most cases reducing cooling costs for homeowners by up to 30%.