Security Window Film for Protection

Installing security window films is an affordable and effective way to bolster property values and security, while also minimizing window breakage from violent weather assaults. This type of film reinforces the windows’ strength, making them more difficult to break, and when they do break, the film will hold the shards of glass together to protect from injury and total breakage.

Window films or tints are precisely cut to size, so they must be carefully measured before cutting. These films can be applied to toughened or laminated glass, and are available in various thicknesses, which you can choose from, according to the level of protection you want. Film thicknesses and glass dimensions are determined based on the level of security you require.

The film must then be applied on (perfectly cleaned) windows. The windows should also be moistened before application. The film’s backing is removed, and then applied on the glass with care. A squeegee can be used to remove any air bubbles between the film and the window glass. Any excess pieces around the edges are trimmed away.

Installing the film on your own can be messy, and the result can look haphazard and uneven. For best results, and smooth and longer-lasting window film installation, just call for professional service. The installation you get from quality work is fast, efficient, and professional-grade.


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