Benefits and Advantages of Security Window Film for your Home

Residential and commercial property owners should learn the many benefits that security window films provide. Window films are self-adhering, invisible strong polyester barriers that serve many purposes. Every day, security window films are installed on homes, health care facilities, schools and universities, and commercial and government buildings across the world.

Security window films provide a high level of protection against shattering glass as a result of natural disasters, accidents, or nefarious activity. This makes them ideal for retail shops or other business that are prime targets for burglary. Security window films also prevent against window breakages in areas that are prone to hurricanes, violent storms, and earthquakes.

Window films also reduce sunlight exposure and directly increase a building’s efficiency by reducing heat loss in winter and preventing heat gain during the summer. Nearly a third of a building’s thermal efficiency is lost through its windows. This is because security window films are available with tinting that greatly reduces glare from the sun. This restricts the amount of sunlight that is allowed to enter the building. Consequently, the harmful fading effects of the sun on carpet and furnishings are reduced over a prolonged period.

Tinted film also helps reduce energy requirements for homes and commercial buildings. The tinted film reduces heat build-up, ensuring rooms are more comfortable and reducing cooling costs during summer months. Tinted window film also blocks harmful ultraviolet rays and adds a comforting level of privacy to any home or business.


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