Window Tinting Isn’t Just For Cars

For years, it has been common practice to get your cars windows tinted. But what about all of your other windows? It may sound strange, but home window tinting is a simple and affordable way to save on your energy expenses while also benefitting your health and even protecting your furniture.

According the the US Department Of Energy, heating and cooling your home will account for approximately half of your utility bills. With growth in residential electricity prices at its highest in six years, it’s important to save wherever you can. Tinting the windows of your house will reduce sunlight that increases the temperature of your home. By filtering out these heat producing UV rays, you can make considerable savings on your utility bills.

New research shows that around eighty six percent of cancerous melanoma are caused by UV radiation. By tinting your homes windows you can greatly reduce your exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays. Sunlight is also a major cause of unsightly fading that can leave your furniture and carpeting looking drab and worn out. Luckily, by tinting your windows you can remove the vast majority of UV rays that gradually fade your furniture over time. How many times have you been trying to watch a movie or work on your computer, only to have the glare from the sun cloud your view? By tinting your home windows you can finally eradicate that annoying screen glare.


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