Window Security Films – Benefits Your Entire Home

Window security films are pieces of polyester that are applied to glass windows providing them with protection in the instance of shatter or break. This makes window security films a much safer alternative to regular windows and a less costly option than laminated glass.

Window security films will protect you and your home against many things. Firstly, and most obvious is breakage of your window. The security films will actually hold the window together if it does break, preventing injury to you and your beloved family. Further, they can act as an invisible barrier to potential thieves who may try and break out your windows to gain access to your house.

Window security films can also help you save money! On average, about 15% of every home’s wall space is made up of glass which tends to be an awful insulator, wasting on average about $63 monthly! A simple change such as incorporating window security films can provide 78% heat reduction, and help you save up to 50% on your home cooling and heating costs!

Finally, window security films will help protect other investments you have made to your home, making your home more comfortable all around. Window security films reflect 99% of UV rays, as a result you can expect much less fading on your valued carpets and furnishings. They are also resistant to many chemicals including but not limited to hydrogen peroxide, ethel alcohol and acetone.


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