How to Choose a Color for Home Window Tinting

There are many benefits to having your home’s windows tinted. Instead of having the windows all made of clear glass, the tinting allows you to increase your privacy, reduce thermal absorption from the sun and minimize fading of your furniture or upholstered fabrics. Deciding which color to tint your windows depends on your preferences as well as your desires for the aesthetics of the space.


Shades of gray are the most popular color choice for tinting of residential windows. Gray helps to reduce the amount of solar energy that comes into your home. In this way, gray tinting helps to work as a sort of visor for your house. Gray is neutral and will not change the color of the visible light that reaches your living spaces.


Blue tinting is another popular choice to use in your home. As the sun shines through the blue tinted windows, the light takes on a blue hue. This color is calming and is a great choice for use in bathrooms and bedrooms where you would like to create a serene environment.

Frosted White
When you want to block the view into your home, a frosted white window tint is a great option. The sun’s visible light still enters the glass, allowing your space to benefit from the natural brightness. The tinting reduces glare and makes your living areas easier to relax in at the sun’s peak intensity.


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