2 Ways to Install Security Window Film Yourself

If you’re installing security window film, it’s important to find the best method for attaching the film based on your needs and the type of glass the windows are made from.

Daylight Method

This is the most commonly used type of method for installing window film. The film is applied to the window and a thin gap is left between the film’s edge and the edge of the window frame. This is the easiest way to install the window film and some people feel that it provides adequate security. Some experts, however, think that the daylight method doesn’t provide enough protection against forced entry and broken glass, especially if the intrusion is exceptionally aggressive, such as a bomb blast.

Anchored Method

The anchored method is ideal for when you need the most security possible from the window film. There are two types of anchored methods: the mechanical method and the wet method.

• Mechanical: The window film is physically attached to the window frame by first being applied to the glass and then overlapping the frame. The film is then mechanically attached to the frame.

• Wet: The window film is attached to the window frame via an adhesive sealant.

Note than windows made from tempered glass will shatter into small cubes when broken. The daylight installation method is not effective on these types of windows. Either type of anchored installation method should be used on tempered glass.


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