Feel Safer at Home with a Security Film

Are you interested in protecting your family and your belongings at the same time? If so, security film for windows is a simple way to help accomplish this.

Window film helps resist break-ins

Window film makes your windows difficult to break and, if they do, the film will keep the broken glass in place. This greatly reduces the risk of cuts incurred from cleaning up the broken pieces or from being struck by flying fragments. The resistance to breakage window film provides can easily be enough to deter a would-be burglar.

Window film can give the same protection against accidental breakage. Imagine the kids playing baseball in the back yard while you are inside rocking the baby, and the ball strikes the window! Flying debris during severe weather is another common cause of window breakage, especially if you live in an area that is subject to hurricanes, severe thunderstorms or an occasional tornado.

Window film reduces glare from the sun

When glare is decreased, visibility is increased. Additional benefits include energy savings through decreased demand on the cooling system and less fading of furniture, rugs and carpets. Security film for windows also helps to keep the room temperature uniform by eliminating hot spots that can be caused by sunlight in concentrated areas of the room.

Install window film and increase your privacy

Depending on the type of film you choose, window enhancements can add to your family’s privacy by making it more difficult for outsiders to see in while maintaining your ability to see out.


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