Residential Window Tinting Practices

Long were the days when the term “window tinting” are applied to cars because you can now have your residential home tinted. Both home and business owners have acquired services that would allow them to have their windows tinted for several practical and aesthetic reasons.


Colored films are the most known and recognized being familiar about it with cars and outdoor vehicles. If you’re looking for ways to avoid heat absorption in your home, you should not use this as a backing for thermal films since this will lead to trapped heat. This kind of film absorbs the sun’s heat instead of deflecting it.


Sputtered, also known as metalized films are infused with other kinds of metals such as copper, nickel and aluminum. The metals are inserted into the film and are infused on anatomic level during the creation process. Through this, the distribution of metals is even all over the tinting film, making it a favorite choice both for residential window tinting and offices.


Hybrid films are a combination of dyed and metalized films. Due to its nature, all the properties of both types are found in this one. By combining both qualities, a lighter tint color is attained without compromising the reflective properties of the film.


Ceramic films are the newest variation and this is created using nanotechnology. This type reduces the amount of interference that are at times found in dyed films. This is especially resilient even with severe storms and in turn significantly reduce glass shattering.


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