The Role of a Security Window Film And Why Your Home may Need One

All homes and businesses deserve the best security. It is important that all establishments, both commercial and residential, must invest in the location’s security. There are a lot of options in which you can secure your home even further, one of these being window enhancements.

The Vulnerability of Doors and Windows

Windows and doors are the entryways to your house and these provide access to any intruder to get into your homes when left vulnerable. Of course, one can use bolts and locks, though being doubly sure of your security by adding more forms of defense against would-be infiltrators.

One way to ensure that your home is protected and secured is through installing security window film on these entryways. Windows that have security films on them are significantly harder to get into.


Security Window Film: 3 Ways to Give Added Protection for Your Home

A window is part of your home’s protective shell. It helps encase what’s inside, protecting and keeping everything safe. This is why enhancing it with a security window film is beneficial. This wise move boosts the protection and security of your home, giving you and your family peace of mind.

Thinking of upgrading your home for added protection? Here are some ways on how a window security film can benefit you and your family.

Helps prevent break-ins from intruders

A window security film has the ability to prevent broken glass from completely shattering. It works to keep the glass together even if it’s cracked already. This makes it more difficult for intruders to break the window and get into your home. It creates a significant blockade that buys the police time to respond to the threat. Through this, you have a higher chance of thwarting thieves and burglars.

The Importance of Getting Security Film for Windows at Home

There are many reasons to invest in a quality security film for your home or business. You can put this film on windows and doors and enjoy having an increase in security without losing any of your outdoor view. This type of film is clear and made of a strong polyester material that is held together with the toughest adhesive made in this industry. You can find a variety of this product, which should allow you to pick the best one for your own home.

Security film for windows is a discreet security measure that will keep your home or business as safe as possible. It can hardly be seen since it is clear and is easily applied to your windows and doors.

Protect Your Home from Intruders with a Security Film for Windows

When it comes to protecting your family, you should start by making your home a little more secure. While there are ways to beef up your doors and locks, there are some other steps you can take that may prove to be more effective. The truth is that making your home more secure can be as simple as turning your property into a less appealing target then your neighbors.

Hiding Places

The first thing criminals look for is hiding places. This is why you should look at your landscaping and lighting with a critical eye. The goal is to eliminate those dark shadows and keep the bushes trimmed back so that people cannot hide near your home. When you take a critical look at your home exterior, you’ll start to see the potential problem areas that should be addressed.

Installing Security Window Film to Shield the Interior from Threats

Every home needs adequate protection even while trying to communicate a welcoming ambience and mood to all who come through the door. This may be achieved by setting up protective structures right at the façade of the place and bolster the security level. Security window film products fall under this category.

Inner Workings

A window security film system works by being applied as a cut sheet over both sides of a glass panel. The film’s engineering allows it to closely adhere more with the glass to prevent it from shattering out of the panel even when the glass has been badly damaged. Depending on the level of thickness of film and glass, specially tinted windows can withstand the force of a simple solid object like a rock, or the powerful onslaught of a bullet or a windstorm.

Setting up Security Window Film Sheets for Anything with Sliding Glass

“Some locations may be elegant and stylish, especially those with sliding glass windows or doors. A casual look at any interior design magazine will reveal houses with both fixtures set up. As an article by Desiree Stennett in the Orlando Sentinel notes, however, sliding glass windows or doors sometimes present an opportunity for burglars to enter the house with minimal effort.
A few observers in the security industry claim that sliding-glass doors are highly vulnerable entry points in any home. This is especially true of any house with dining rooms that need ample natural light and also empty out to a patio. Such a danger to the household underlines the need to install security window film of the kind offered by Window Enhancements, LLC.”

Installing Security Window Film to Improve Privacy and Energy Savings

Protecting a home or business location is a top priority for any owner. Using the best tools to ensure its proper security and smooth operation is how you should go about treating anything that is important. One effective piece of investment in any structure is to install each window with security film for numerous positive purposes.

Increased Privacy

Tinting windows allows a better sense of privacy with the ability to see into the building significantly limited. In your home, personal activities like napping, lounging or family involvement can be sheltered more from outsiders. This also creates a feeling of security and a deterrent against those who may be peering into your home or establishment for uncomfortable or unlawful reasons. Adding security window film will raise the comfort level at home and at work.

How a Security Film for Windows Can Deter Theft and Related Crimes

Your home is supposed to be the safest place you can be at. With all the news about break-ins and other property crimes you see on television, however, you can’t help but worry about your family’s safety. Security alarm systems and CCTV cameras can make your home or business secure, but if you want to add more security, consider applying a heavy-duty security window film.

A window film is a thin laminate retrofit coating upgrade (made mainly from polyester) installed on the interior surface of a glass pane using a special adhesive. Originally, window films were installed for sun control, which helps improve a building’s energy efficiency. Because the laminate also prevents a glass from breaking apart, however, it is now considered an effective tool for home security.

Window Security Film Prevents Would-Be Thieves from Gathering Info

Installing window security film yourself is as straightforward as drawing a straight line, but it’s better to have an expert do it. The material may come with an additional set of instructions from the manufacturer and require special installation tools and techniques to allow optimum function and effect.

Some tinted security window films can also provide smash resistance to your windows or patio doors, however the installation of a proper glass retention system for true smash security is dependent on the construction of your windows, whether they are wood, vinyl, or metal, or are one large surface vs. separate smaller panes. Call the window film specialists at Window Enhancements LLC for a free consultation and evaluation of your needs.

Security Film for Windows: Protection from Broken Glass in Earthquakes

A recent earthquake in Napa Valley that measured 6.0 left residents sweeping glass off floors and streets in the aftermath. Fortunately, there were no casualties, and hospitals reported only routine injuries and illnesses. Nevertheless, the event proves how vulnerable glass structures and materials can be when subjected to the right amount of impact or pressure. Fortunately, there is a way for you to protect yourself.
Installing security window film on glass panes can significantly reduce the risk of injury from broken glass. Made of thin yet strong plastic adhesive material, protective window film can bind a pane so that it remains in position even if the glass breaks.