Residential Window Tinting Practices

Long were the days when the term “window tinting” are applied to cars because you can now have your residential home tinted. Both home and business owners have acquired services that would allow them to have their windows tinted for several practical and aesthetic reasons. Continue reading


Dress Up Your Home’s Windows With Window Tint

When you think about dressing up your home’s windows, you may think about adding features like shutters, blinds or drapes to the windows. While these are some options to consider, do not overlook the important option of window tint. Window tint can be used for several purposes, making it a functional option to consider in combination with some of the other more decorative solutions. Continue reading

Reduce Solar Glare in the Home With Window Tinting

One of the most common reasons why homeowners choose to tint their home’s windows is to reduce energy costs related to cooling the home. Window tinting is a convenient, affordable way to reduce the amount of heat that passes through your windows, and this can make your home’s HVAC system function more efficiently. However, this is not the only benefit that you can enjoy after you tint your windows. Reducing solar glare is another great benefit, and this can improve the ambiance in your home.
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