Security Film For Windows And Why You Must Have It Installed

Burglary and thieving is no laughing matter, especially since anyone or any place can be a target, even your homes. Your home is where you and your family reside to rest and gather and this is why anyone will go to any length in securing their homes Continue reading


Residential Window Tinting Practices

Long were the days when the term “window tinting” are applied to cars because you can now have your residential home tinted. Both home and business owners have acquired services that would allow them to have their windows tinted for several practical and aesthetic reasons. Continue reading

Dress Up Your Home’s Windows With Window Tint

When you think about dressing up your home’s windows, you may think about adding features like shutters, blinds or drapes to the windows. While these are some options to consider, do not overlook the important option of window tint. Window tint can be used for several purposes, making it a functional option to consider in combination with some of the other more decorative solutions. Continue reading

2 Ways to Install Security Window Film Yourself

If you’re installing security window film, it’s important to find the best method for attaching the film based on your needs and the type of glass the windows are made from.

Daylight Method

This is the most commonly used type of method for installing window film. The film is applied to the window and a thin gap is left between the film’s edge and the edge of the window frame. This is the easiest way to install the window film and some people feel that it provides adequate security. Some experts, however, think that the daylight method doesn’t provide enough protection against forced entry and broken glass, especially if the intrusion is exceptionally aggressive, such as a bomb blast.
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How to Choose a Color for Home Window Tinting

There are many benefits to having your home’s windows tinted. Instead of having the windows all made of clear glass, the tinting allows you to increase your privacy, reduce thermal absorption from the sun and minimize fading of your furniture or upholstered fabrics. Deciding which color to tint your windows depends on your preferences as well as your desires for the aesthetics of the space. Continue reading

Window Security Films – Benefits Your Entire Home

Window security films are pieces of polyester that are applied to glass windows providing them with protection in the instance of shatter or break. This makes window security films a much safer alternative to regular windows and a less costly option than laminated glass.
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Window Tinting Isn’t Just For Cars

For years, it has been common practice to get your cars windows tinted. But what about all of your other windows? It may sound strange, but home window tinting is a simple and affordable way to save on your energy expenses while also benefitting your health and even protecting your furniture.
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Security window film is an excellent way to remedy common problems caused by the damaging effects of the sun.

Your home’s temperature can be unduly increased by the sun’s rays. Your furnishing and décor is often bleached by the sun. And, during early morning and just before dusk, the sun’s glare can drastically limit your visibility. Window enhancements can effectively reduce those negative effects.
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Beautify your Home and Save Energy with Window Tint

Natural light has been shown to lift the spirits, and a breath-taking vista can inspire the soul. Sunlight also adds natural beauty any room, but left uncontrolled, that same sunlight can ruin your carpet and upholstery, increase your energy costs, and make rooms virtually unusable due to heat and glare. Blinds, sheers, and other window coverings can solve the problem, but they also restrict the beauty and benefits that natural sunlight provides. Window tinting allows you to enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight while managing its negative properties.

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