The Importance of Getting Security Film for Windows at Home

There are many reasons to invest in a quality security film for your home or business. You can put this film on windows and doors and enjoy having an increase in security without losing any of your outdoor view. This type of film is clear and made of a strong polyester material that is held together with the toughest adhesive made in this industry. You can find a variety of this product, which should allow you to pick the best one for your own home.

Security film for windows is a discreet security measure that will keep your home or business as safe as possible. It can hardly be seen since it is clear and is easily applied to your windows and doors.


Protect Your Home from Intruders with a Security Film for Windows

When it comes to protecting your family, you should start by making your home a little more secure. While there are ways to beef up your doors and locks, there are some other steps you can take that may prove to be more effective. The truth is that making your home more secure can be as simple as turning your property into a less appealing target then your neighbors.

Hiding Places

The first thing criminals look for is hiding places. This is why you should look at your landscaping and lighting with a critical eye. The goal is to eliminate those dark shadows and keep the bushes trimmed back so that people cannot hide near your home. When you take a critical look at your home exterior, you’ll start to see the potential problem areas that should be addressed.

Security Window Film Fights Weather Damage

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your residential or commercial property, and harsh storms are common in many areas of the country. Major storms typically bring strong winds and heavy rains, and your building will bear the brunt of the force of these storms. In fact, your building’s windows may be the most vulnerable areas when severe weather strikes, but you can add security window film to your windows to protect your home or building from damage during major storms.

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How a Security Film for Windows Can Deter Theft and Related Crimes

Your home is supposed to be the safest place you can be at. With all the news about break-ins and other property crimes you see on television, however, you can’t help but worry about your family’s safety. Security alarm systems and CCTV cameras can make your home or business secure, but if you want to add more security, consider applying a heavy-duty security window film.

A window film is a thin laminate retrofit coating upgrade (made mainly from polyester) installed on the interior surface of a glass pane using a special adhesive. Originally, window films were installed for sun control, which helps improve a building’s energy efficiency. Because the laminate also prevents a glass from breaking apart, however, it is now considered an effective tool for home security.

Security Film for Windows: Protection from Broken Glass in Earthquakes

A recent earthquake in Napa Valley that measured 6.0 left residents sweeping glass off floors and streets in the aftermath. Fortunately, there were no casualties, and hospitals reported only routine injuries and illnesses. Nevertheless, the event proves how vulnerable glass structures and materials can be when subjected to the right amount of impact or pressure. Fortunately, there is a way for you to protect yourself.
Installing security window film on glass panes can significantly reduce the risk of injury from broken glass. Made of thin yet strong plastic adhesive material, protective window film can bind a pane so that it remains in position even if the glass breaks.